Update 2.2 – “Players`s Patch” is Live!

Dear Players,

It has been over a month since our last update, and we are happy to be back to work on Kingdom Wars 2! And the long awaited update 2.2, has just been released!

Our main focus with 2.2 was to fix large number of bugs and annoyances reported by our players this winter. We tried to cover majority of your complains such as marauders not following firing orders, total annihilation victory problems, zombies not spawning in larger numbers and so much more.

Also we hope to see quite a few new players join the game this week, so these who enjoy a good multiplayer games should see quite a few open battles towards this weekend.

And as you might have heard, we are working on an amazing new projects. We`ll be announcing this project to the world and inviting the most dedicated KW2B players to participate in closed testing sometimes in the next few weeks. Meanwhile we`ll be sure to spend time with KW2B with update 2.3 in the works with around same timeline. And of-course we plan to continue supporting KW2B for years to come, regardless of new and ongoing projects.

As always – thanks for your support, and so introducing Update 2.2:

– Marauder will no longer chase after enemies and completely disregard positioning
– Fixed problem with healing well and other healing locations restoring dead units very slowly
– Fixed major bug preventing large number of zombies rising with High zombie setting
– Fixed various problems with Total Annihilation victory condition not triggering
– Map Reveal in Total Annihilation and Casualties of War is after 180sec instead of 60sec
– Victory Conditions only start after 180sec for Total Annihilation
– Grand Hut only spawns units when over 3000 hitpoints, fixing a lot of problems with destroying Orc base
– Nobility card now also effects Wolves
– Reduction to camera pitch – improves shadow quality, especially on lower settings
– Total Annihilation victory condition is relaxed – 3 or less surviving battalions and less than 2 buildings
– Skeletons spawn 50 seconds faster
– 15% reducing to cost price of Crypt, and leveling it
– Increased Crypt limit from 3 to 4
– Rifleman a lot more accurate – reduced Rifleman’s bullet max error factor from 15% to 5%

  • Maurice Nechel


  • jeff

    well i cant login any more its been a few updates and i just need som help now case i realy like to play and i have good network here so not that and no firewall is restrikting it it has full power over all