Update 1.9 – Preview and Details

Dear Players,

The team is once again back to work on the next big KW2B update, that we are aiming to release towards the end of October.

With update 1.9 we looked at working exclusively on player suggested fixes, and expect to have a very impressive list of updates and squashed bugs.

We plan to cover every area of the game – from increasing population limit in Survival and fixing large number of saved game and Elven units issues to upgrading Treasure Guarding Dragon AI from a village idiot to an evil mastermind… (Or at least Zombie smart…)

Every single suggestion posted by our players over the past 3 months has been carefully considered, and we hope that over half of your requests and suggestions will make it into the patch.

In addition 1.9 comes with completely balancing overhaul – based on our experience and players feedback over the past few months. Our goal is to make every single unit more unique, and get rid of the “useless” units. You can expect the less used units to get boost and new roles, and more commonly used units to see a small downgrade.

Also please accept our apologies for the delays with the update, the team has been working on something big past couple of months – something that we can`t announce yet – but that should make every KW2B player and fan of Medieval warfare very happy (we`ll make sure of that)…