Update 1.8 – “Big Changes” is Live!

Dear Players,

The long awaited update 1.8, has just been released. After an unfortunately lengthy interruption this summer, our team is back to work on Kingdom Wars 2: Battles with one update after another planned in the coming months. Our main focus with today`s massive 1.8 update was to improve pathfinding, combat, and playability.

Few things of note – we have eliminated delay when tasking units both in singleplayer and multiplayer as well as reworked our research and buttons to fix various issues effecting saved game. We hope everything goes smoothly with this update.

Our next update will be ready later on in August and will continue featuring minor new features and improvements across the board. If you have any suggestions for our next update, please take a moment to post them here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/253190/discussions/0/360672383117497119/

And so presenting 1.8 – “Big Changes”

-Greatly reduced command delay in multiplayer games – selecting and issuing orders is nearly instant
-Fixed major problem with units ignoring move or attack orders
-Completely reworked worker unit tasking to resources – eliminate huge lag spike when tasking workers
-Reworked tasking melee units to attack enemies – eliminated lag spikes
-Completely eliminated response lag when tasking units. From several seconds to half a second
-Greatly improved performance when moving the camera around
-Fixed certain abilities and construction buttons become instantly available in a saved game
-Fixed research and techs not properly saving in a saved game
-Reduced maximum unit selection for battalions from 16 to 9. Up to 16 siege weapons can still be selected
-Battalions moving long distances will look much better as units keep better marching order in formations
-Fixed issue with Zombie Ogres still spawning if Zombies are off
-Added option to load singleplayer scenarios from local library or from Workshop
-Fixed various issues with easy AI getting stuck in it`s base
-Added disconnection handling for Survival game mode, now the remaining player will get other players assets
-Various fixes so that disconnected players buildings, or destroyed buildings will not spawn units
-Reworked swear word filter – substituting words instead of masking

  • Xuân Thắng Nguyễn

    I cant re-play the game (screen say “logging In………”) like forever!!!
    What would i do with this problem ???