Update 1.7 – “Ready for the Summer”

Hey Guys and Girls,

Another week has passed, and we are happy to present another update – 1.7 Ready for the Summer. This time around it was our players feedback guiding the team, with every item on the fixed list requested on our forums.

This update was all about what our Players want to see changed and fixed. We`ve collected over some recent player suggestions, and a dozen of bug reports from our very helpful player community. And the result – is this massive update, giving You – what You want to see changed. We`ll continue working in the same direction for our next update.

Our next update will be ready in July, and will feature some new features and fixes. We plan on working in the same way with all our future updates this summer.

And so presenting 1.7 – “Ready for the Summer”

-Fixed saved game problems with unit abilities being unlocked even if not researched
-Fixed saved game technology and wall upgrade buttons problems
-Improved connection to the server, will not disconnect for some players as it used to
-Added Kingdom Wars 1 bonus code to the Social Window
-Adjusted Social window buttons
-Decreased transparency on various GUI windows
-Improved performance of mouse movement on some higher end PCs
-Improved performance on lower end PCs by reducing scripting intensity
-Fixed problem with button description for units, techs, buildings not showing
-Fixed cheat protection activating when buying 5000 resources
-Increased Gold Smelting and Stone Refining income by 20%
-AI will not properly use Market building for resources income later in the game
-Dwarven Champion attack, hitpoints, defense and cost rebalanced, nurfed
-Shaman cost increased, attack increased, but fatigue reduced