Update 1.3 “The Game Changer” is Live!

Hey Guys and Girls,

The team is well refreshed after a few days off, and we are excited to be back to work. With everyone on the team concentrating on Undead Rising expansion pack, we made sure to set some time aside to continue regular updates every other week. And so presenting patch 1.3 – “The Game Changer”

You`ll see several very large changes in this update, including completely different approach to melee combat and battalions, as well as a dozen of other changes requested by our players – from balance adjustments to fixes and small new features.

Human race has also received a much needed boost, and we finally looked into giving higher/lower zoom levels in cinematic mode. And finally – a way to detach and reuse these siege weapons

-Reworked melee combat – battalions will mostly attack as one unit
-Reworked pathfinding – individual battalions will run around much less
-Reworked combat – swarm mechanics greatly improved
-Performance improvement – much lower CPU usage during combat
-Improved cinematic mode camera – close zoom in, much further zoom out and low, ground level angles
-Added new Defensive Stance to units – will return to original position once attacked, only reacts to units attacking
-Ladders, Tower and Treant now have Detach functionality, and can be reused
-New Dev Trades added to the Market – 5 new trades per player, every day
-Upgrading to large gatehouse keeps gates closed
-Fixednot being able to task units away from attacking palisade gates
-Fixed menu breaking when receiving Friend invite while searching
-Fixed menu breaking when sever announcement is shows while searching
-Peasant and Warden Female Hotkeys changed
-Fixed problems with building decoration objects when loading the saved game
-Fixed common error with Crafting window
-Updated filters for restricted names and words including adolf hitler and others
-All ranged unit volley damaged reduced and balanced
-Wolf NPCs attack reduced by 37%
-Orcs use Worker Hut drop off much better
-Zombie Spawn area in survival – heals Zombies and drains player units
-Fixed hide ability breaking in multiplayer hiding units from the player that controls them
-New forest spirit icon that allows seeing how many are producing
-Men Swordsman: 10% HP, 12% attack, 20% Armour
-Men Cavalier: 15% HP 13% attack
-Men Mounted Knight: 18% HP 11% attack
-Men Foot Knight 17% HP 18% attack
-Men Crossbowman 28% attack
-Men Halberdier 18% HP, 12% attack
-Men Maceman: 15% HP
-Elven Rootant cost increased by 100 gold
-Elven Rootant hitpoints reduced 25%
-Orc Marauder nurfed, takes 20 seconds longer to train
-Orc Marauder Worker Hut cost increased by 60 food
-Orc Marauder Hit Points reduced 10%
-Orc Grinder damage increased 100%
-Orc Grinder now do 300% more damage vs Zombies, take 10% damage from Zombies