Undead Rising Free Expansion Announced

Reverie World Studios is proud to announce our first free expansion for Kingdom Wars 2: Battles!

Kingdom Wars 2: Undead Rising scheduled for release on May 16th, 2016 will greatly expand the original game. With Undead Rising we decided to go against the standard expansion formula of adding some new levels and couple of units, and instead concentrated on things that our players actually asked to see, as well as expanding the game modes being played the most.

Did you really think the story was over, the gods appeased, and Dagbor secured by Confederacy? Looks like the Gods had other plans for the world, and the time has come for the living to face full power of the dead.

Kingdom Wars 2: Undead Rising includes dozens of new features, and requires an extensive preview to go overeverything, so today we`ll start by going over some of the larger changes

Epic and Evolving Home Cities
Since our players spend a lot of time managing techs, cards, and social aspects in KW2B main menu, we`ve decided to rework this part of KW2B experience from the ground up.

Each of the three races will now feature an epic and evolving home town in the main menu, representing your progress, your choices and your your accomplishments as you progress through the game. Your hometown will not only grow and advance as you progress, but burn or celebrate depending on your combat performance.

In a way it`ll take the game closer to original Kingdom Wars, as short of placing all these buildings yourself, you`ll see your hometown grow in a similar way.

Survival and Undead Race Expanded
As we released KW2B we were very surprised to see that over 80% of all games were in Survival mode, so naturally Undead Rising`s main goal has become to give players more of exactly what they want. And Undead Rising is here to take Survival game mode, and Zombies in general to the next level.

We started by adding new Zombie units – from undead Ogres smashing everything and everyone around them, to large zombie creatures like Minotaur greatly diversifying Risen hordes. When designing new Zombies we made sure to stay close to the Risen lore, and design each new Zombie do be absolutely unique, with it`s own AI and abilities.

A lot of work went into making Zombies “smarter” and adding new abilities that will dramatically change Survival strategies. There`s new things like plagues or wall smashing decomposing Ogres to worry about.

There are a lot of other changes to Survival mode and Zombie behavior that we`ll let you discover for yourself as you try to Survive against expanded Undead forces.

Singleplayer Campaign Reworked
Many of our players have found the singleplayer campaign to be too bland, and too difficult, with only a small percentage completing all five chapters. To remedy this, over hundred of hours has been invested in reworking and improving original five campaign chapters. New adaptive difficulty, new events, new cinematics and objectives. New abilities, allies and enemies, side missions and more. And last but not least everything about campaign has been polished and play-tested to perfection.

In addition we are working on an epic Chapter 6, but it won`t be released as part of this expansion pack. Chapter 6 continues the story looking at how Confederacy works to rebuild Dagbor to it`s former glory, while surviving the most epic Survival battle, as thousands of the Risen converge on Dagbor.

Steam Workshop Support
With base game now nicely polished, it`s time to turn all our tools to the community and add full on Steam Workshop support. Included with full integration will be all the tools from World Editor to Scenario Scripting, and Art Asset changes and tools. We will do our best to also unlock the main source code Resources folder, allowing any sort of total conversions that modders might want to try.

We will have full singleplayer support for mods, but also hope to complete multiplayer level support as well.

For now this is all that we are revealing. More screenshots and additional details are coming closer to the end of April. We will also continue with regular patching as we work on the expansion pack. Meanwhile if you have any questions – please don`t hesitate to ask:)