Undead Cometh – Free Expansion Pack Announced

Dear Players,

We are excited to announce the second expansion pack for Kingdom Wars 2: Battles – titled, Undead Cometh. In the best traditions of our studio – this expansion is absolutely free to all our players.

Kingdom Wars 2: Undead Cometh, scheduled for release this December, greatly expands the Undead army of KW2B. With this expansion we wanted to do exactly what our players has long been asking for – expanding the Undead component beyond Zombies, introducing a lot more creatures that are not of this world. From skeletal warriors wielding conventional weapons of death to Lich Kings raising the dead.

As for the story line – it`s time to revisit the singleplayer campaign, as we continue the story. Just as confederacy gets ready with their expedition to bring the end of the Dragon race, the Undead forces surround the newly rebuild Dagbor. But this time things are different – and Zombies is the least of Confederacy problems, as thousands of now decayed corpses rise once again – this time as Skeleton warriors. Would this truly be the end of all life? Will you led the Undead Hordes?

For now this is all that we are revealing. More screenshots and additional details are coming closer to the end of November. We also hope to release Update 1.9 later next month – however, it might get bundled with the Undead Cometh release.

Meanwhile if you have any questions – please don`t hesitate to ask:)

  • Zackary Horne

    Thank you guys for continuing the game. The game is great and this just adds on to the game itself. Making it even better. Keep up the good work. Thanks again as well.