Undead Cometh Expansion Released

We, at Reverie World Studios are happy to present the next chapter in Kingdom Wars 2: Battles – The Undead Cometh expansion. And in our company’s traditions – this expansion is free, and will be automatically downloaded as a Steam update.

The biggest features of the expansion is the conclusion of the singleplayer campaign, as well as the whole set of new Skeleton undead units for players to command.

Skeleton Units
The Skinless as we calling them are Skeleton creatures of various roles. Heavy Infantry, Light Warriors, Archers… Players can now research and “raise” these units in the Crypt building, available to all races. Undead Skeletons can be directly controlled by the player, and turn the battlefield tactics upside down – as these creatures are immune to fire and arrows. Get ready to experience what`s it like to command army of darkness in RTS.

Singleplayer Campaign
As for the story line – it`s time to revisit the singleplayer campaign, as we conclude the story. Just as confederacy gets ready with their expedition to bring the end of the Dragon race, the Undead forces surround the newly rebuild Dagbor. But this time things are different – and Zombies is the least of Confederacy problems, as thousands of now decayed corpses rise once again – this time as Skeleton warriors. Would this truly be the end of all life?

Other Changes
Undead Cometh also includes dozens of other improvements across the board. From fixing last few remaining bugs in-game, to completely reworking balancing of the tech researches and dwarven units. Detailed change log will be revealed on Friday as we release this expansion.