Free Expansion Pack – “Undead Rising” is LIVE!

Reverie World Studios is proud to present you the next chapter in Kingdom Wars 2: Battles – The Undead Rising expansion. And in best Reverie traditions this expansion pack is absolutely free.

With Undead Rising we decided to go against the standard expansion formula of adding few new levels and couple of units, and instead concentrated on major features that our players actually asked to see, as well as expanding the game modes being played the most.

Expansions biggest addition is the main menu Homeland Development making a come back of sorts from KW1. Players will now get to develop their epic main menu towns through crafting and game progress. Some of the other bigger features range from Undead Ogres, Slow-Motion, Completely reworked AI, Three new Game Modes, Updated Singleplayer Campaign, Steam Workshop support – and so much more.

Thanks for your support!

Expansion Features
-New Main menu – with epic towns for each race – similar to KW1 homeland development
-Over 20 new Steam achievements covering Hosting games, Survival, Trading, Guilds and more
-Main menu towns grow and expand as technologies are unlocked
-Entire campaign rebalanced to play much better on all difficulties
-Started expanding Campaign – Chapter 1 and 2 now have 4 Save points
-Steam Workshop support for singleplayer scenarios
-Zombie Ogre – very powerful undead creature, destroys walls, arrow shield
-Arrow Time Slow Motion – singleplayer only, button or Delete key activated
-Building GUI expansion with new Gameplay Option to use bottom left GUI
-Auto-Leveling units Option added to the Gameplay Options
-New Game Mode – Casualties of War – Be the first to inflict 1000 casualties
-New Game Mode – Total Annihilation – Destroy every single unit and building
-New Game Mode – King of the Hill – fight over the flag in the middle of the level
-New Level Location – Mining Camp – capture it to generate stone and gold
-New Level Location – Warehouse Village – capture it to generate food and wood
-New Battle options – Resources Nodes only NPCs, and Dragon Treasure controls
-Reworked combat sounds

Fixes and Improvements
-Fixed bug with screenshots being blue hued
-Fixed how AI would level it`s units – didn`t work before
-Improved menu window look, through transparency
-Fixed bug with ruined walls looking build up in saved games
-Fixed various bugs with resuming campaign chapters
-Fixed Orc Slayer missing shield/helmet/spaulders when fully upgraded.

Balance Changes
-Campaign on Hard difficulty is extremely hard now, facing Level 10 enemies
-Campaign on Hard difficulty gives very high rewards – 7 epic items, or 28 regular items
-Campaign on Easy difficulty is extremely easy
-Campaign on Medium difficulty is easier now
-Chapter 1 disabled Volley
-Wall tower plots 3X more hitpoints
-Volley requires 20 more Fatigue, Drains fatigue 15% faster
-Volley Distance reduced from 3000 to 2400
-Marauder Volley damaged reduced by 25%
-Marauder spawn time back to 60, from 80
-Marauder starting Fatigue reduced by 30 points
-Peasant, Labourer, Male Warden now have 40 Piercing Armour
-Burning Fire Trial – Marauder fire arrows tech – increased 70%
-AI Rebalanced – creates units slower, 30$ longer on hard, 25% on medium, 20% longer on easy
-AI Rebalanced – Easy AI will mostly turtle, rarely attack only in later game
-AI Rebalanced – Medium AI is less aggressive, attacks later with larger force
-AI Rebalanced – Hard AI a lot better – rushes, and tries to attack non stop
-Survival mode is a lot harder in Multiplayer
-Survival mode is good deal harder in Singleplayer
-Zombie are more resistant to ranged attacks