Kingdom Wars II: Battles brings a fresh perspective on the fantasy real-time Strategy genre, breaking new ground, and daring to go where only few Strategy games have ventured before…

At a first glance KW2:B features all the well-established elements of a fast-paced skirmish strategy game. There`s a competitive multiplayer, full-on siege combat, three truly distinctive races, and of-course a strong singleplayer campaign. With this solid foundation in place, we proceeded to add numerous ‘hot-new’ features, creating a truly original Strategy game…Strong singleplayer campaign is a great feature, but why not make it an episodic campaign, with a new episode released every couple of months? Working in this format – allowed us to delivery very high quality storytelling and original gameplay experience, without having to worry about the production timeline, and limiting the story arc; We are proud to deliver a truly epic saga, so rare in Strategy games these days.

In most competitive skirmish multiplayer games, progression is limited to a ladder score, or an avatar level. One of our main goals was to add a meaningful multiplayer progression, and what better way to do it when to add intricate tech-tree progression that takes dozens of hours to complete; Driven by a complex crafting system with over two hundred combinations, from dozens of components from blueprints and materials to legendary items and relics.

We also tried to breach the common divide between singleplayer campaign and multiplayer experience, by adding progressive multiplayer story-arc, with story progressing as player fights on, providing a story behind the multiplayer bloodshed, and pushing the plot towards the next campaign Episode.

Another feature we are really excited about is a mini-card game, that`s added on top of the multiplayer-skirmish. The card game greatly expands the multiplayer progressions, as player acquires more items and builds powerful decks. It also enhances battlefield experience, as players learn new creative way to utilize their card decks.

And finally, we wanted to build a strong player community, by introducing numerous MMO features for player interaction, and late-game progression. However we also made sure, that all online interaction is completely optional.

We hope you`ll enjoy Kingdom Wars II: Battles, and in best Reverie traditions, looking forward to supporting and expand the game for the years to come.